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Aero lower body protector Thigh pad


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  • Strippers™ design is an integrated system which protects both the upper and lower thighs, around the inner groin, the hip bone as well as part of the buttocks
  • It’s why aero has a “lower body protector” rather than just thigh guards
  • Strippers™ use the best materials – 3D molded high impact plastics, multiple closed-cell foam combinations and user-friendly, antibacterial polyester mesh
  • They deliver the key performance elements of better protection, better comfort, better speed and better durability for all batsmen – in a unique and balanced way
  • The v7 model introduces a range of enhanced features including new foam molding techniques and thicker straps for optimal comfort and improved levels of protection
  • Other features include hip and buttock protection and a large well positioned rear thigh pad
  • Integrated design allows natural movement and mobility
  • Protection Level – Elite 160+ kph
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