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DreamCricketStore.com is the online retail arm of Dream Cricket LLC. 

Dream Cricket LLC operates dreamcricketstore.com - A portal for Top Quality, Authentic cricketing merchandise which also serves its users with latest USA Cricket news and information.  

DreamCricketStore.com was initially established in 1999 as a news and fantasy cricket portal.  We began selling cricket related products including equipment online in 2004.   

Dream Cricket Store:  In 2007, the company had opened its first physical store in New Jersey.  The physical retail store, presently located at 400 Apgar Dr unit k, Somerset, NJ 08873, also known by some as Pavilion Shop, has been selling to thousands of customers.  It previously did business from locations in Hillsborough, NJ and Sunnyvale, CA, where it also operated indoor cricket training facilities until 2014.  It plans to relaunch these in the near future.

dreamcricketstore.com-Online Retail:  dreamcricketstore.com is a pioneer in online cricket retail.  Having launched in 2004, the online store shipped its 10,000th online order on February 16, 2008.   In fact, our online store picked up pace and by May of 2008, we fulfilled our 11,000th order.   We continue to be a leading seller of cricket equipment through our online store as well as via Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Google. 

Dream Cricket Academy:  The academy as part of the Dream Cricket LLC was launched in 2007 and is a leader in cricket talent development in the U.S. Numerous young talents from the academy have made the USA U19 roster when the ICC introduced combines as a way to select talent.  The academy is widely regarded for its track record of success. For more details about the academy, visit https://www.dreamcricket.com/academy-home/

Dream Cricket Academy is a founding member of US Youth Cricket Association and National Youth Cricket League.  It is a pioneer in youth cricket development and the National Youth Cricket Day in the U.S. honors the donation of 100 cricket kits to USYCA. 

Important: Schools, Colleges, Parks Departments, Township Programs and Charities

Sales via Purchase Order to schools/universities:  dreamcricketstore.com is a supplier of choice via purchase order to universities, schools, Parks Departments, and community tournaments across the U.S.   To date, we have fulfilled orders from universities across the U.S. including Cornell, NJIT, Dartmouth, Penn State, Rutgers, etc. 

Tax-free Sales:  If you are valid non-profit, we will waive taxes for qualified sales provided you submit documents demonstrating your status.

Charitable Cricket Events:  If you are the organizer of a charity event for a U.S. based charitable organization that is focused on education or healthcare, please send us an email on dreamcricketstore@gmail.com and we will gladly sell you at cost. 


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