Shipping policy

When do we ship?

In most cases, orders are packaged and shipped the next business day. Some early orders may be shipped sooner (i.e. same business day). In general, in-stock items are shipped within 2-3 business days and delivery should take roughly 3-5 business days for most US addresses depending on proximity to New Jersey.

Out of stock items

Out of stock items are shipped as soon as new stocks are received from our suppliers. We will notify you if an item is out of stock with an estimated shipping date. Such a notification is made either via the website (if item is out of stock at the time of your order) or via e-mail (if the item is found to be out of stock after the order was entered). Our inventory is updated nightly.

It is important for you to provide us with a correct e-mail address for the notification process to work well. It is equally important for your mail provider to NOT treat our e-mails (from the  addresses) as spam.

How do we ship?

Standard method for domestic shipments

Our aim is to optimize time in transit as well as shipping cost. Both these factors are considered before we choose the method of shipping, especially because cricket equipment is somewhat heavy.

Accordingly, we use US Post First Class to ship packages less than 1 lb and US Post Priority Mail for packages over 1 lb. These methods appear under "USPS" in our shipping options drop-down. In reality, this term is a reference to USPS First Class (<1 lb) or US Post Priority (> 1 lb).

UPS Ground: Some orders may be shipped via UPS Ground at our discretion. When we choose UPS Ground, we do it because it is the cheaper option for the customer. When we ship via UPS Ground, we share the tracking number with our customers.

International destinations

We currently ship worldwide , we generally use US Post International Air Mail and always fill out the required customs forms. If customs charges are involved, payments are the customer’s responsibility. Due to security restrictions, we may not be able to ship to POBox addresses in some countries. Please provide street addresses when possible. We are not responsible for losses, damages, or theft for international shipments. Our responsibility ends when we hand the package to the carrier with proper postage and with address provided by you.

Express Mail and expedited service

If you upgraded to Express Mail, then we will strive to package and ship the order out via US Post Express Mail the same day if the order is received before 12 Noon EST.  But that may not always be possible for reasons of timing.

If we receive the order after 12 Noon EST, then we will ship the order the next business day. At our discretion, we may also send via UPS Next Day Air Saver.

Can you charge my account? Third-party billing

Customer requests for shipping via a courier of their choice will be considered on a case-by-case basis if the order value is over $200.

Please e-mail us at  in advance if you would like for us to use your choice of courier using third party billing.

If we decide to accommodate your request and ship via a courier using third-party billing, we will charge you normal shipping and handling at the time of the order. We will then include a check along with the shipment for the amount of the unused shipping cost if we have used your shipping account at UPS or FedEx.  Please also note that such shipments may not be ready for courier pick-up until next day.

In-store pick-ups/ No shipping required 

If you would like to save shipping and organize an in-store pick-up, please select "Store pick up" from among the shipping options. Then call us or e-mail us and schedule a pick-up.   Our phone is (908) 381-3048 and address is: DreamCricket LLC,  400 Apgar Dr unit k, Somerset, NJ 08873  Our email address is 

When can I expect my package?

Here is an estimate of how long the packages are in-transit.

Normal in-transit time for First Class mail is 3-5 business days from shipping date.

Normal in-transit time for Priority Mail is 2-3 business days from shipping date.

Normal in-transit time for Express Mail is 1-2 business days from time of shipping from shipping date.

For UPS delivery times (if we shipped via UPS), check for the latest delivery timeframe chart. Please see "Standard Method". For International shipments, please note that while normal delivery time is 5-6 business days, shipments can be delayed by 2-4 weeks due to customs delays.

Please note that the above are just estimated time in transit. Actual delivery  time-frames  depend on your carrier's route, weather conditions, size of shipment, your availability to sign and receive, accuracy of address you provided, and other factors that are out of our control.

Shipping delays, damages, or losses

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for delays, damages, or losses during shipping. If you would like for us to insure your shipment, please e-mail us in advance and ask for an insurance quote.

Special requests, Alternate drop-offs

We are unable to act upon e-mails asking us to advise the carrier to drop-off shipments with Apartment Manager's Office. We suggest that you leave a note for your carrier or call your carrier and advise him with such instructions. US Post does not provide us with a way to transmit these instructions to the carrier on your route.

If your package was sent via courier, the courier has its own process for receiving instructions from you if you are not available at the time of the delivery. Likewise, US Post leaves a note with directions on how to claim your package.

Erroneous selection of "No Shipping Required"

If you live outside NJ, and have selected "No shipping required," we will wait until 5PM EST of the day after the order is received to hear from you about when you want to pick-up. If we haven't heard from you by that time, we will assume that your out-of-state order was created with an incorrect shipping option. We may then void the order.

Incorrect or incomplete address

If it is found that a shipment was not able to be delivered due to an incomplete or incorrect address provided by you, then it is your responsibility to reclaim your package from the carrier (if it is still in the carrier's possession).

We are not responsible for losses, damages, or theft of shipments once the shipment is handed to the carrier. Our responsibility ends when we hand the package to the carrier with proper postage and with address provided by you.

If the shipment is returned to us, we will notify you promptly via e-mail about returned shipment and resend the shipment upon payment of a reasonable amount for shipping the package yet again to the complete/correct address.

If the package could not be delivered to an address for other reasons (reasons other than incorrect or incomplete address), then, we will notify you after the shipment is returned to us and take further action upon payment of a reasonable amount for shipping the package yet again to the complete/correct address.

Note on cost of shipping and handling & shipping for orders over $500

Firstly, shipping cost is calculated by weight and each item has a weight code. Cricket equipment is generally heavy (a bat is roughly 5 lbs with packaging). In some instances, we have to ship in multiple boxes because of carrier weight restrictions and other factors.

For some items, the weight may be lower than the lowest weight that the system will accept. If you order multiple qty of such an item, you will notice an aberration. Whenever we have noticed it, we have created aggregated packs. For e.g. a cricket ball may cost $2 to ship a single ball. If you wish to buy a dozen balls, please do not select Qty=12, instead pick the item coded as a dozen ball pack. We have created 1/2 dozen, 1 dozen and 2 dozen packs wherever such aggregation is logical (e.g. there is no dozen pack for bats!).

If you suspect that the cost is unreasonably high, or if your order value is over $500, please e-mail us at and we will consider shipping discounts after investigating actual costs for shipping and handling.